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Celebrating more than 25 years of service!

  • nail fungus & skin disorders 
  • bone deformities
  • Children's Foot Disorders

           Top Foot Problems:

  • Injuries
  • Running & walking pain
  • Ingrown Nails & warts
Our Practice has been serving the Washington D.C. Metro Area for more than 25 years!  Here are our expert doctors and friendly staff who have provided the highest quality in podiatric care. 


Dr. Srikanth Mahavadi

Dr. Gregory Cardinal

Dr. Gary Arminio

Practice Administrator:

Theresa Ellis


Podiatric Services 

Our board certified podiatrists and surgeons are skilled at delivering the best care for your foot health needs! 

Patient Education 

We offer healthy options in living for better podiatric care.  Read our Wellness Blog for updates and information for a better you!

Bull Run Foot Clinic

 ​8637 Mathis Ave.

Manassas, VA 20110

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