8637 Mathis Ave. Manassas, VA 20110                                  

(703) 368-1800

I came to your Gainesville office, but it said "Lifetime Family Medicine" on the door. Am I in the right place?

Yes, our Gainesville office is located inside of the Lifetime Family Medicine Building.  Just come on in and say you're there for podiatry.  They'll direct you to our sign-in.

My doctor wrote me a referral for a specific doctor, does that mean I can only be seen by that doctor?

No.  The referral is good for the whole office.  If you need to be seen on a day that the specific doctor is not available, your insurance will still cover it.

Is there anything I need to bring to my appointment?

Yes.  You should bring your insurance card (if you have one) and a photo I.D.

You may also fill out our "New Patient Form" ahead of time and bring it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions